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In a double blind study at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, dogs given ElleVet’s proprietary supplements showed statistically significant improvement over dogs treated with a placebo. ElleVet products deliver the consistent quality that have earned their endorsement from leading vets.

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Your dog's love is unconditional. At ElleVet, we combined our love of dogs with our knowledge of veterinary science to create a new supplement to support your pet from puppyhood to his senior years.


Proprietary Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Support

for Joint Function, Stiffness, Mobility Loss

ElleVet is at the forefront of the science when it comes to new Hemp CBD products for pets without harmful side effects. This includes mobility soft chews (available in small and large chews) that are recommended for most dogs, and our Hemp CBD oil which is recommended for dogs with food allergies, sensitivities or large dog breeds. Both offer the same effectiveness and are endorsed by veterinarians who have tested the products. Learn more about what dog owners and those running the clinical trials have to say about the impact of ElleVet products on their pets.

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Quick look at what dog owners and veterinarians are saying about ElleVet dog products. Watch now.

Rob Chose ElleVet Over Surgery For His Dog

Rob chose to give his dog ElleVet mobility and joint support products for his dog. Watch what the results were. Watch now.

Dog Owner Testimonials

"My Shih Tzu is 14 years old and about 13 lbs. He's been slowing down over the past year and growling when I pick him up. …when the vet suggested I try ElleVet chews - honest to God, it was like a miracle! My dog went from logy to lively! He now goes up and down stairs easily, runs, and seems happier. And, I noticed a difference in maybe two days." – Sarah B.


"My 14 year old Dachshund was doing so poorly that I was considering starting the process of thinking about euthanasia. Since she started taking ElleVet, [my 14 year old Dachshund] has started working on resuming her former dominant position in the home. She's running and playing and asking for belly rubs and trying to fight the other dogs and generally being a pain in the butt." – Deidre C.


"Fabulous product! I was at my wits end with my 13 year old...her hind end was getting so weak, and she had great difficulty getting up and walking on our hardwood floors. Within a month or so of taking her new treat twice a day, she was counter surfing and attempting to chase cars on our walks. It's made a HUGE difference in her quality of life...and undoubtedly extended it." – Beth M.

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