A game-changer for dogs

Cannabinoid based soft chews for joint and mobility support for dogs.

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vet tested.

In a double blind study at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, dogs given ElleVet’s proprietary supplements showed statistically significant improvement over dogs treated with a placebo. ElleVet soft chews deliver the gentle and consistent quality that have earned their endorsement from leading vets.

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pet approved.

Your dog's love is unconditional. At ElleVet, we combined our love of dogs with our knowledge of veterinary science to create a new supplement to support your pet’s mobility, from puppyhood to his senior years.


Proprietary Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid & Terpene Support

for Joint Function, Stiffness, Mobility Loss

ElleVet In Action

Veterinarian & Dog Owner Testimonials

13 year old dog

Dog Owner

"Since starting ElleVet, he has gone 3 weeks without a seizure. He's been so sore from all the seizures that he was moving like a 13-year-old instead of a 3-year-old. He is acting better in general and more like his age."

happy dog

Dog Owner

"Your product is amazing! Our dog was dragging his little body around by his arthritic little arms three weeks ago, now he is standing tall, and walking again! We are so happy!"

healthy looking dog

Dog Owner

“My dog hasn’t climbed the stairs or played with our other dog for 4 years. It brought me to tears.  Thank you, ElleVet!”

2 dogs playing at the beach

Vet Tech & Dog Owner

"My dog was running around the yard playing with my other dog, which she hasn't done in years. I looked at my husband and he said I haven't seen her do this in forever."

dog at the beach

Dog Owner

"She's just happier with zero side effects. She started being more playful again and rolling around on her back. We were so happy for her."

dog playing with ball

Veterinarian & Dog Owner

"We thought our dog was just getting a little old and didn't want to get on the couch or chase the ball, but then once we put him on ElleVet we actually noticed he's a lot more mobile and lively."

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