CBD-based Drug Allows ‘Crippled’ Dog to Walk Again

We are so happy that ElleVet could help Rye (and Bash)! 

fter feeling my dog Rye’s knees during her annual checkup the veterinarian said to me, “You can feel how crunchy her knees are.  She’s virtually a cripple and she’s got to be in a lot of pain.”

Yes, it was clear to me that she was.  After 11 years of dashing, jumping, bolting, lunging, and hunting, my German Shorthaired Pointer suffered from severe joint discomfort.  She was increasingly intolerant of standing and she hunched her back in an effort to shift weight from her painful knees to her front legs. In order to sit, she had to gingerly slide her legs and rear end out from under her and ease her way wincingly to the floor. It was hard to watch.

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