Why hemp and why dogs?

It’s a question we hear often. Our answer is, there is nothing more rewarding to us than innovating to help animals. We saw a way to do that work by developing an effective new product to support dogs without submitting them to harmful side effects.

This mix of scientific curiosity and compassion was the inspiration for ElleVet Sciences. Our combined backgrounds in science, business, and animal and human diagnostics reflects our dedication to animals and goal of bettering their quality of life through scientific inquiry and innovation.

There is a growing body of anecdotal evidence supporting hemp as an effective treatment in both the animal and human sphere, but we wanted hard evidence about why it works, if it works and how it works. This led us to partnering in a clinical trial with veterinarians at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. The results of that study earned the overwhelming enthusiasm of the vets and the study’s dog owners. Seeing people moved to tears by their dogs’ return to more happy and active lives confirmed our belief that we can help pets live their best lives. 

As science-focused founders, our strength and our success came by developing a product based on the scientific and objective insight our research and the Cornell study provided. As pet owners and animal lovers, we are moved by the joy and increased health of our dog customers and their owners, inspiring our ongoing mission to create supplements that support the health and well being of the pets we love.

The ElleVet Team

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