Proprietary Hemp Oil Blend

Will this make my dog high?

No.  ElleVet products cannot make your dog high.

Why is your product better than other products?

Because we have science and research behind our product. We conducted studies and clinical trial before we launched our product, to make sure we are providing the best possible product for your dog.

Are there side effects?

There are no known side effects to hemp.  If your dog doesn’t seem right always consult your veterinarian as something else maybe going on.

Is there CBD in your product?

Yes.  Cannabidiol is a  naturally occurring compound in hemp plants and has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties but will not make your dog high. Nothing in our product will make your dog high as no product exceeds the .3 % THC level.

What if my dogs eats more than he should?

There are no known side effects to hemp, even at extremely high doses.  As always, observe your dog and consult your veterinarian if needed.  

Is your product vet recommended?

Yes!  Our product has been extensively tested at Cornell Vet school, one of the top vet schools in the world and Dr. Joe Wakshlag, as well as numerous other vets recommend ElleVet products.  Some of the top vets in the country use ElleVet chews on their own dogs, and that is the best recommendation of all!


What is your return policy?

Unopened bags can be returned for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

Where can you ship your products?

We can ship our products anywhere in the world, as long as your country allows hemp products.

Shipping Policy

All products ship for a flat rate of $4.95 in the continental United States and $20 internationally. Standard shipping is 2-5 business days in the continental U.S. and 7-12 business days internationally.

I am a shelter/rescue, do you have programs for us?

Yes, please email us at info@ellevetsciences.com

Dosing & Restrictions

Can I give my dog a higher dose if he is extra sore?

Yes, if your dog had a very active day and you think he will be sore, or if he is having a bad day or you have extra activities or playtime planned, you can double the dose for a few days.

You recommend that we give a higher dose for a week and then lower the dose from then on.  What if my dog doesn’t do as well on the lower dose?

Most dogs do very well on the lower dose after the first week but of course, dogs are individuals and some do better on the higher dose.  That is fine, and we would recommend giving the higher dose for a few more weeks and then going to the lower dose.  If he needs to stay on the higher dose indefinitely, that is perfectly fine to do.

What if we miss a dose?

It will not hurt your pet to miss a dose, just resume as soon as possible to maintain the support.

How many times a day does my dog need to take the ElleVet Chews?

Twice a day, or every 8-12 hours is our recommendation for best results based on our pharmacokinetic study of how dogs metabolize our chews.  3 times a day, or every 8 hours is fine too.

How long will it take to work?

Anywhere between 48 hours and one week.  Some pet owners see a noticeable difference in 24 hours but every dog is different.  

My dog has allergies and food sensitivity. Can we use your product?

Yes, but we recommend you use our oil rather than our chews and the oil may also help with skin sensitivities.  Email us at info@ellevetsciences.com to order oil or for further questions.  

Can your product be used with other supplements or medications?

Yes.  Many dogs are taking ElleVet Chews with other prescription medication.

Your product contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin as well as hemp. Can I stop using my glucosamine supplement?

Yes.  Our chews contain, along with our hemp oil, the same amount of glucosamine and chondroitin as leading supplements so you can stop giving your dog additional glucosamine

Have you tested your product?

Yes, we have tested our product extensively with a pharmacokinetic study and a clinical trial with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine looking at dogs with osteoarthritis, with significant positive results.  We put science behind all our products and test with the best vets in the country to give your dog the best support.

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