Pet Owners Guide to Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids for Dogs: The Basics

Cannabinoid is a broad term covering compounds found in cannabis and hemp CBD. Some of the better-known cannabinoids are THC and CBD, although there are over 140 different cannabinoids present in hemp plants. THC is best known for psychoactive properties and is not safe for pets. Pet owners are increasingly looking to hemp products and cannabinoids as a first option for joint support and an alternative to traditional products.

Over 80% of dog owners reported increased mobility and playfulness.

Cannabinoid Safety and Proper Dosing

senior dog lying down wearing bandanaNot all cannabinoids are the same and they aren’t all suitable for your pets. THC, while having reported beneficial effects on humans, is toxic to dogs. The specific blend of cannabinoids is important as well as the specific terpenes. Pet owners should also be aware of under-dosing or inaccurate dosing. Many cannabinoid products on the market are simply guessing at dosages, which leads to ineffective results for the pets. Unlike other companies, ElleVet partnered with Cornell’s Veterinary School and conducted the pharmacokinetic studies and research needed to understand how the product is metabolized by dogs and is therefore able to identify accuracy and frequency of dosing.

Consulting Your Vet

As with any decision involving your pets, it is important that you discuss it with your vet. Some vets do not carry or recommend cannabinoid products because so many of the products on the market are not backed by scientific research and testing. ElleVet Sciences is the exception to the rule and is carried by practices across the country. We invested in research first, then worked with vets to develop highly effective products and dosages that are optimal for your pets. Some of the best vets in the country conducted this research and use ElleVet with their won dogs.

“…My dog hasn’t climbed the stairs or played with our other dog for 4 years. It brought me to tears. Thank you, ElleVet!” – Dog Owner, Testimonial

How To Purchase Cannabinoid Products For Your Dog

senior dog enjoying a walkSome veterinary clinics will carry cannabinoid products and others will refer you to cannabinoid products. If you are exploring cannabinoid products, we hope you will give ElleVet Sciences a try. Our chews and oil are made in the USA, with strict quality controls and rigorous lab testing, and on average have more than 10 times the active ingredients of other hemp products. We made our Mobility Soft Chews and Mobility Oil easily accessible online at As always, please reach out if you have any questions about our products – we love to answer customer questions and hear your stories.

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About ElleVet Sciences

Founded in 2017 in Portland, Maine, ElleVet Sciences provides support products for dogs in both soft chew form and oil form, made from our proprietary hemp CBD oil blends. The signature active ingredient was the subject of the first pharmacokinetic study and clinical trial on the use of cannabinoids in dogs with multi-joint pain. The enthusiastic endorsement from the vets who administered that study at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine represents the new scientific standard for this class of products that ElleVet Sciences pledges to maintain.

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