The Science

How does hemp work?

Hemp is a remarkable substance, but it is not a mystery plant. There is hard science behind how hemp works, and why it works in dogs, cats, and in humans.

Hemp contains naturally occurring compounds called cannabinoids. There are over 140 known cannabinoids that have been identified in hemp and these cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system found in animals and in humans. Interested in learning more about cannabinoids? Check out our Pet Owners Guide to Cannabinoids.

Cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) are found throughout the body and brain, and different receptors affect different functions. Some cannabinoid receptors affect sensation, some affect mood, some appetite and some work on the immune system. The function of the endocannabinoid system is to maintain a stable environment in the body.

The cannabinoids found in hemp work by stimulating these receptors, and can signal the body to build more cannabinoid receptors. This is why the ElleVet product may work better and better over time, as your dog or cat's body builds more receptors and promotes better results.

All plants are not the same!

Each plant is different, as each dog is different, and not all cannabinoids work on all issues. For example, some cannabinoids might work very well in stimulating joint functions but won’t help at all with mood. Some might work very well in supporting mood and calm, but not work on pain sensation.

At ElleVet, we have spent years researching the cannabinoids and terpenes that work best for our goal in helping provide support for dogs and cats. We don’t think cannabinoid support is a one size fits all, and we want to provide targeted support for your dog or cat.

Let’s talk terpenes.

Terpenes are additional compounds found in the hemp plant and are best known for their unique smells, but terpenes add much more than smell and taste. Terpenes and cannabinoids work together in a synergistic way and may increase the level of support. Terpenes are not all created equal and some are believed to have properties that support calm and are uplifting and some for pain. At ElleVet, we use specific terpenes to enhance the cannabinoid effect and to create a proprietary and well-researched blend of cannabinoids and terpenes for your dog’s best support.

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The ElleVet Advantage: A Scientific Focus

Because we are scientists and dog lovers, we are committed to putting science behind our products. We conducted the first study, in collaboration with Cornell University, looking at how hemp is metabolized by dogs. This was an important study because this helped us find out how often dogs need to take our product, and how much they should take for the best results.

ElleVet also conducted a double-blind placebo trial at Cornell Vet School on dogs with multi-joint pain. What we found was that dogs who took the ElleVet product had significant and often dramatic improvement over dogs who took the placebo. Veterinarians at Cornell called ElleVet Chews, 'A game changer that will change the face of veterinary medicine."

The response from pet owners has been equally positive, with comments such as “My dog hasn’t gone up the stairs in 4 years..” and "she interacts with the family and is playful again, instead of lying on her bed." These sentiments say to us that we’re on the right track in our work to get to the heart & science of better pet health.

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